Dave and Susie Sheeran decided to make Whitefish, MT their home in 2005, and raise their 2 awesome kids here. Susie is from Chicago and Dave is from New York.

“We love Montana and the community in the Flathead Valley. We are proud to have the opportunity to serve all of you. We hope you think that the regional specialties  we prepare for you are both authentic, and delicious. We know if we can maintain this authenticity, we will be welcomed into your hearts and homes.” – Dave Sheeran

Sam Beougher and Dave Sheeran started to work together in 2009 at Second Street Pizza in Whitefish Montana.  June 2015 they became business partners and opened Second Street Pizza South in Kalispell Montana.  November 2015 they opened Mama Blancas and soon became owners of the Remington Bar in Whitefish Montana. Sam comes from a history of restaurant in Whitefish Montana.

In The News

Second Street Pizza Owners Reviving Latin Fusion Restaurant in Whitefish – Flathead Beacon – November 25, 2015

The owners of Second Street Pizza are bringing back an old favorite to downtown Whitefish with their revival of Mama Blanca’s, a popular restaurant featuring traditional Puerto Rican and Cuban fare with a blue-collar flair.

Owners Dave and Susan Sheeran operated the Latin-fusion eatery for 18 months at 306 E. Second St. before converting the space into the popular downtown pizzeria Second Street Pizza, a move they made eight years ago during the recession.

But Mama Blanca’s has found renewed purchase in Whitefish’s downtown center, and the Sheerans hope to open their doors Nov. 30 inside the Remington Bar and Casino at 130 Central Ave. They’ll take over the space left vacant by La Hacienda and, more recently, the short-lived Shooter’s.

A Reprise for Mama Blancas Resturant – Daily Inter Lake – December 13, 2015

Ten years after its initial opening in Whitefish, Latin-fusion restaurant Mama Blanca’s is getting a second chance.

Dave Sheeran, owner of Second Street Pizza, opened the new Mama Blanca’s last week in the former Shooter’s and La Hacienda inside the Remington Bar. Despite having no phone, no sign outside or presence on social media, business is good on Central Avenue.

“The first week has been nothing but goodwill vibes,” Sheeran said.

Whitefish iconic bar ‘The Remmington’ gets facelift – ABC Fox News – December 15. 2016

One of the most historic bars in downtown Whitefish is undergoing major renovations.

Opening its doors in 1908, the Remington is one of the most popular hangout spots.

Dave Sheeran, owner and operator of the Remington has been in the restaurant business for years.

Sheeran used to own 5 restaurants in New York City before selling them to move to Whitefish, so he has big plans for the Remington.

New Owner Reloads Remington with Fresh Look – Daily Inter Lake – December 25, 2016

Sometimes business growth follows a carefully planned trajectory, set by a board of directors in a stuffy meeting room. And then sometimes you just get lucky.

Whitefish restaurateur Dave Sheeran, owner of Second Street Pizza, opened Mama Blanca’s about a year ago at a location on Central Avenue adjacent to the Remington Bar and Casino. On Dec. 13, he became the Remington’s new owner.

Remington Gets Facelift Under New Ownership – Flathead Beacon – January 7, 2017

The Remington Bar and Casino in downtown Whitefish is being refurbished and resuscitated as a new owner takes over with a promise to reanimate a bar with untold potential.

“This place is going to jump again,” said Dave Sheeran, the prickly purveyor of pies at Second Street Pizza who last year opened Mama Blanca’s in the space adjacent to the Remington, located at 130 Central Ave.